OrientX - People and Idea behind OX

The vision for OrientX was born when the founders Messrs. Sen and Witte were enjoying a traditional kebab meal in London. Inspired by it they have developed a very clear goal: To make OrientX KEBAB LOUNGE a key destination Quick Casual Dining Restaurant for an up-market dining experience by offering a fresh, light and tasty meal alternative serving delicious traditional Gourmet kebab compositions in an exalted and casual lounge environment.


OrientX's 'restaurant basics' are simple: great and affordable food, best service, stylish interiors, and overall, an experience to the customer. Only after having focused on these 'restaurant basics' and only after having achieved sustainable profitability will we expand the brand concept through the roll-out of further units in Luxembourg and subsequently in selected other countries in continental Europe.


Luxembourg's general prosperity, its international demographic and perceived lack of creative and new eating-out ideas were the main reasons for the founders to opt for Luxembourg City as a place to start their metropolitan-focussed brand venture OrientX.


The importance of people cannot be stressed enough. Top restaurateurs serve not only great food but also provide outstanding customer experiences. OrientX's staff are determined to achieve their highest potential and OrientX helps them in doing so by creating a culture of opportunity in its restaurants awarding responsibility, developing people and incentivising and promoting people.


5, Rue Alphonse Weicker

2721 Luxemburg  


25, Boulevard F.W. Raiffeisen

2411 Luxemburg